Elastohydrodynamic lubrication

As we all know, bearings can roll, slide or do both simultaneously, therefore lubrication is essential in any bearing to reduce friction and remove heat.

Elastohydrodynamic, is one of the types of the Full-Film Lubrication. In this type, the contacting surfaces are nonconforming (the gear teeth, cam and follower), then it is more difficult to form a full-film of lubricant, since the nonconforming surfaces tend to expel rather than entrap the fluid. 
  • At low speed these joints will be in boundary lubrication, and high wear rates can result with possible scuffing and scoring. 
  • The load creates a contact patch from the elastic deflections of the surfaces.
  • This small contact patch can provide enough of a flat surface to allow a full hydrodynamic film to form if the relative sliding velocity is high enough.

This is all I wanted to tell about such a kind of lubrication. The name itself is really scary-sounding, but not that strange if you know what it means. 

Reference: Machine Design An Integrated Approach, 4th edition - Robert L. Norton

Peter Deak

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