The Start

In real life engineering there are very unstructured design problems and they must be structured by you before they can be solved. Usually, there is no "back of the book" to refer to for the answer. It usually makes students and engineers a bit nervous. They usually face the "blank paper syndrome", not knowing where to begin. Just like here, I must create my own site, write my posts which was easy for the first thought. 

Fortunately, there is a good prescription for this issue.
  1. You must begin somewhere.
  2. Wherever you begin, it will probably not be the best place to do so.
  3. The magic of iteration will allow you to back up, improve your design and eventually succeed.
With all my respect to all those engineers who are successfully reached their dream, I am launching this blog now, and hopefully I will benefit a lot from these writings. I recommend these writings for all of you who found my blog and find something in their interest. I would like to seek for others with whom I can share my thoughts and who are willing to help me.

Let's start this blog with the first step of the "design problem".

Reference: Machine Design An Integrated Approach, 4th edition - Robert L. Norton

Peter Deak

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